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Emergency Telephone Service & Suicide Prevention Center

Since 1978, our Emergency Telephone Service and Suicide Prevention Center (ETS/SPC) has provided free, 24-hour telephone crisis intervention, suicide prevention and information and referral services. Our caring professionals, with a mission to save and improve lives through communication, offer counseling for individuals experiencing mental health, substance abuse or other interpersonal problems.

ETS/SPC’s outreach component consists of critical incident stress management, speaker presentations, education and trainings on suicide prevention and crisis intervention.

Help Lines:

  • 1-800-273-TALK - a national suicide prevention helpline
  • 313-224-7000 or 1-800-241-4949 - a crisis intervention, suicide prevention and information and referral helpline for Wayne County.
    (Calls referred to NSO via Pioneer Behavioral Health)
  • 1-800-811-4211 – information and referrals to all NSO programs

882 Oakman Blvd., Suite E
Detroit, MI 48238

It was 1 a.m. when I received a call from K., a 19-year-old woman contemplating suicide.  I assessed her mental state and together we developed a ‘safety plan’ and a plan of intervention. She identified a friend she could stay with until she ‘felt strong again’.  During a follow up call, she told me how grateful she was to have a place to call where no one would judge her.

— NSO Staff Member since 2010

Harper-Gratiot Multi-Service Center

The Harper-Gratiot Multi-Service Center (HGMSC) provides comprehensive, coordinated and accessible health and human programs to the community in one convenient location.

Crystal White

Programs available at the Center include crisis intervention, utility assistance, emergency food and transportation assistance, treatment referrals, Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), Youth Initiatives Project (YIP), YouthLink and Life Choices Children's Programs.

Harper Gratiot Multi-Service Center
9641 Harper Avenue
Detroit, MI 48213
(313) 923-5050 x 8265
Fax: (313) 571-9866
Crystal White, Program Director


When Mr. and Mrs. M. came into HGMSC with their six children they had no home and no jobs.  My colleagues and I helped them apply for assistance, connected them with a landlord who would waive the security deposit, and recommended other NSO programs for their children.  Four weeks later, they had a home, jobs and food assistance for their family. Mr. and Mrs. M. told me how happy they were, that NSO was here in their time of need.

— NSO Staff Member since 2004

Life Choices

Life Choices provides a central access point and support to children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.  Our staff advocates secure resources and provide intermittent lifelong support services on behalf of consumers, so each individual can live as independently as possible.

Life Choices provides comprehensive outpatient and support services, ongoing assessment of community programs and resources, therapy, evaluation and planning, guardianship assistance, residential placement and monitoring, 24-hour crisis intervention and stabilization, parenting skills training, art therapy and the PLAY Project (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters), which provides at-home training and support for families with children with Autism age18 months to six years.

8600 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 875-7601
Fax: (313) 875-7622

Children's program located at Harper Gratiot Multi-Service Center.

I was so moved to witness a life changing moment during one of our group sessions. A young developmentally disabled woman shared with the group that she had been attacked years earlier. Members of the group immediately encircled her with their arms while several others whispered, ‘Me too.’

— NSO Staff Member

NSO Homeless Services

NSO is the only 24-hour/seven-days-a-week organization serving homeless people who have nowhere else to go due to behavioral difficulties, mental illness or physical challenges. Through our programs, we work tirelessly to ensure that those in need have a home and receive proper care.

Tumaini Center
3430 Third Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 832-3100

When I learned that the only thing standing between Mr. J., one of our homeless consumers, and a steady job was his diabetes, I just had to help.  I prescribed medication and helped him access a program to receive it at no cost.  After several months of medication and following the American Diabetic Diet, his diabetes was under control. I faxed his test results to his potential employer and he was offered a job.

— NSO Staff Member since 2006

The Road Home

A unique mobile outreach program, The Road Home makes direct contact with homeless individuals who live on the streets of Detroit.  Our outreach team, comprised of dedicated mental health and substance abuse professionals, case managers and paraprofessionals, respond to calls, make an initial assessment of the consumer to determine their needs, then transport the individual to an appropriate facility to receive care, support and housing, helping them to rejoin their community.

We reach out to people who are afraid to come to a homeless shelter. One of the unique things about our program is that many of our outreach workers were once homeless themselves and now help others in the same situation.

— NSO Staff Member since 2010

Tumaini Center

The Tumaini Center, named for the Swahili word for “believe” and “hope,” is a crisis support center for chronically homeless individuals. Established in 1975, we have provided services to all who enter our doors including substance abuse treatment, mental health assessment and referral, case management, emergency food, and clothing storage.

Many of our shelter monitors are formerly homeless individuals who came to the Tumaini Center for help, turned their lives around, and are ready for employment.

— NSO Staff Member since 2010

Supportive Housing

NSO’s Supportive Housing program uses the “Housing First” approach to provide permanent supportive housing services to formerly homeless consumers.  This approach provides homeless people with housing quickly, and then provides them with their needed services in their neighborhood.

5470 Chene, Second Floor
Detroit, MI 48211
(313) 967-5320
Fax: (313) 579-0610

NSO Bell Building Support Services

NSO completed the renovation of the historic Michigan Bell Building in 2013.  The 155 one-bedroom apartments provide homes for formerly homeless adults.  On-site supportive services help residents connect to primary and health care, addiction treatment, counseling support and Illness Management and Recovery.  In-house training and classes help residents with life skills and connections to GED preparation, community college, and job training.   The NSO Bell Building is the largest supportive housing development in the state of Michigan.

882 Oakman Blvd., Ste. B
Detroit, MI 48238
(313) 967-5950

Bridges Program

The Bridges Program is a scattered site supportive housing program for chronically homeless persons struggling with at least one of the following conditions: substance use disorder, serious persistent mental illness, cognitive impairment, or a chronic physical condition.  The Bridges Program is takes a "Housing First" approach, which believes housing is a human right and emphasizes the importance of stabilizing the person in permanent housing before addressing other issues.  The programs' case managers assist clients to access community-based services based on the client's individualized service plan,  coordinate care amongst service providers, and teach daily living skills to insure the client successfully sustains housing.

5470 Chene, Second Floor
Detroit, MI 48211
(313) 967-5320  ext. 6211
Fax: (313) 579-0610
Staci Hirsch, Psy.D., Program Supervisor

Older Adult Services

Older Adult Services (OAS) provides mental health outreach, residential and advocacy services to help older adults reach their maximum potential and remain active community participants.  Through the OAS residential care program, consumers receive a full range of clinical, psychiatric nursing and occupational therapy assistance in supported living settings.

OAS is available for Wayne and Oakland County residents 60 and older and for adult nursing home residents 18 and older.

882 Oakman Blvd., Suite D
Detroit, MI 48238
(313) 961-7990
Fax: (313) 961-1047

After thoroughly assessing Mrs. H., I knew that although she was diagnosed with mild mental retardation she did not need to live in a nursing home.  I and my colleagues were able to help her prepare for discharge, learn life skills and helped identify potential apartments and roommates.  She now lives with a roommate of her choosing, receives medical and metal health care and enjoys spending evenings sitting on her very own patio.

— NSO Staff Member since 2004

Youth Initiatives Project

The Youth Initiatives Project (YIP) provides youth leadership and advocacy training focused on gun violence and substance abuse prevention. Designed to encourage youth activism and peer-to-peer collaboration, as a means of improving the capacity of neighborhood and community organizations, YIP’s training and technical assistance provides youth leaders with the skills to plan and organize activities that promote well being and success.

Frank McGhee

The program offers youth advocacy, peer mentoring, after-school and summer activities, a variety of leadership and prevention workshops, male and female-based programs, gun safety presentations and more.

Harper Gratiot Multi-Service Center
9641 Harper Avenue
Detroit, MI 48213
(313) 965-6924
Fax: (313) 571-9866
Frank McGhee, Program Director

Many of the young people in our Youth Initiatives Project see their neighbors and  peers drop out of high school, so I am especially proud of the majority of our kids who not only graduate, but go on to college with the confidence and leadership skills that will take them far in life.

— NSO Staff member since 1994

YIP participants were awarded 8 of the 50 Skillman Foundation Urban Scholars $10,000 college scholarships in 2011.

— NSO Staff Member 2009


YouthLink began operating in late 2013.  This year-round youth program is designed to provide youth with the opportunity to invest in their future through participation in youth employment skills and career training, mentoring, and tutoring.  This program, a partnership with Focus: HOPE is funded by the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation.

Harper Gratiot Multi-Service Center
9641 Harper Avenue
Detroit, MI 48213
(313) 965-6924
Fax: (313) 571-9866
Reginald Williams, Program Director